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Abi Wormell
Life Coaching

Live Your Best Life


I help Health and Social Care professionals; Manage their stress, build resilience, avoid burnout and rediscover their passion.

Read on to see how I can help you.



Internationally Accredited Life Coach. Trained in Holistic Modalities as well as powerful coaching techniques. Podcast guest speaker and well being trainer . I have sixteen years experience working in Senior Leadership roles within private Health and Social Care. This has given me hands on experience and working knowledge in managing Emotional, Behavioural and Mental Health conditions. It has also allowed me to fully understand the pressures of the Health and Social Care industry and other high pressured roles. I have been on my own personal journey with stress and burnout and through coaching I was able to develop a bullet proof resilience that helped me manage those challenges and now help others to do the same.

Is coaching for me?

This is for you if….

You feel like your survive day to day, not really living.

You feel stressed and anxious a lot of the time.

You feel that your work life balance is non existent.

You want to develop a deeper sense of resilience. 

Your stress affects your relationships; your ability to parent or be a good friend or partner.

You have neglected your own self care.

You feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to juggle each day.

You feel like you can never switch off.

You have persistent feelings of helplessness or that you can’t change the situation your in.

You question why you even continue doing the job you do. 

You want to make changes to these parts of your life but are not sure how or where to start. 


What is coaching? 

We will use a range of powerful tools and techniques to get you from how you feel now to exactly where you want to be and furthermore be equipped with a range of tools so you are ready to take on future challenges. It’s a transformation.

Together we will break things down into manageable steps. I’ll be your accountability partner and your biggest cheer leader. 

Because of my speciality I will be able to equip you with life long skills and tools to manage stress and build resilience. 

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming we can change the way you think, and feel. 


Why coaching not counselling? 

Counselling is great and it serves a purpose. If you need urgent mental health support I urge you to seek that help.

But coaching is different. It focuses on goals and the vehicles and tools to get you there. If you want real sustainable change coaching is for you. 

If you want to build resilience so the next time a challenge crops up you feel confident to handle it then coaching is for you.

If you need support, accountability and or motivation, the coaching is for you.


The reason I can help you...

I’ve been there… I went from feeling stretched so thin. I was  doubting my ability to do anything well.

I was struggling with the enormous pressure of my work load and was completely unable  to switch off at all. 

This led to complete and utter medical burnout. 

Now I lead a fulfilling and balanced healthy life and wake up each day with passion and energy. I know exactly what my goals are and I go after them with focus. I finish each day with an enormous sense of fulfilment and gratitude. 


My Approach: 

I use my coaching expertise and extensive background in mental health and behavioural support to find strategies that will help you manage your stress and build resilience. Each person is unique so your coaching package will be as unique as you are! 

When clients come on board with me we will spend a longer session called a 'breakthrough' session where we will holistically assess all areas of your life so we can get crystal clear on your goals and ensure we are working towards the exact outcomes that you want. 

Together we will then create a unique and bespoke package to get you to where you want to be. 


Worried about the investment? 

My coaching courses are very affordable.

Firstly, what price can you put on your own well-being?

What is it costing you in non Financial means to not be addressing these issues?

Secondly, I have a range of payment options and durations to suit all budgets.

Plus if you are not happy I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


What’s in it for you?

A stronger sense of resilience.

Tangible tools and strategies to manage stress and stressful situations for the rest of your life.

A better work life balance.

You'll no longer feel overwhelmed as we would have holistically addressed all aspects of your life and broken them down into manageable steps towards change.

Your own personal cheerleader! I also offer as part of my coaching packages 12hour a day messaging support. So I don't just leave you in between sessions.

You'll wake up remembering why you do what you do and you will go at it with purpose. 


So what are you waiting for? 

You deserve this, Do not allow yourself to walk away from this gift to yourself. Stop putting your own needs behind the needs of everyone else. 

Please don’t allow yourself to go further down the road  to burnout

This could be the most significant 60 minutes of your life.

Book a free discovery call now 

What is a discovery call? 

A powerful 60 minute 1:1 experience that allows you to experience the power of coaching and decide if we would be a good fit to work together. I will ask you some questions to get clear on your goals and we 

 can discuss what type of things might work for you. 

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